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Holbrook Fire District Declaration of District Emergency

The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Holbrook Fire District, located in Holbrook, Town of Islip, County of Suffolk, and State of New York, has kept fully informed of the current public health and safety concerns concerning the pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in localities and Counties on Long Island, throughout New York State and the United States and around the world. In a time of an extreme emergency and potential disaster of this magnitude, it is incumbent upon the local, State, national governments, and the governments around the globe and their elected officials, to act decisively and in an abundance of caution in taking all measures necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the members of the Holbrook Fire Department and their families, the employees and representatives of the Holbrook Fire District and their families, the residents of the Holbrook Fire District and all other members of the public.

Accordingly, by unanimous decision and Order of the Board of Fire Commissioners , in an abundance of caution, and for the safety of the Holbrook Family and all members of the public, we are hereby declaring a state of emergency and disaster based upon the current pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in localities and Counties on Long Island , throughout New York State and the United States and around the world, and on the basis of this declaration as issued pursuant to the powers and authority granted to the Board of Fire Commissioners by law, are hereby declaring the aforesaid emergency and disaster, invoking all emergency powers and authority conferred upon the Board and the Commissioners by law in order to perform and discharge the duties and responsibilities conferred upon it and them by law, and therein, without limitation , to take all steps necessary to ensure the performance of the Holbrook Fire Department and the safety of its members, and to obtain and maintain the performance of necessary work by public works, or the purchase of equipment, supplies and materials, all without competitive bidding should that prove necessary , in order to perform their duties , and in addition, are hereby closing all Holbrook Fire Department firehouses and sub-stations except for emergency responses, and as hereinafter provided, until further notice. Members responding to an emergency are to remain in the truck bay areas and leave the Firehouse(s) and sub-stations after signing in for the call .The closure includes prohibiting use of any of the Firehouse and sub-station facilities in non-emergency and response situation by members, their families and authorized guests. In addition, by Order the Board is cancelling all non-essential gatherings scheduled and non-scheduled at the Firehouse(s) and sub-stations through at least April 30 ,2020 pending further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, all training sessions, Department and District meetings and any other meetings, gatherings and events to be held at either Firehouse(s) and sub-stations. In addition, this Declaration and Order incorporates and approves the standing Order of Chief James Bodor, effective March 22, 2020 in all respects, including any revision stated herein, permitting members of the Department to enter the Firehouse(s) and substations to respond to alarms, to return for a period of Twenty(20) minutes to place ambulances, trucks and apparatus back in working order, to permit Department Officers and Treasurers to perform vital duties , to the extent that cannot be performed online or remotely, to allow COVID Pandemic Training approved by the Chiefs Office, and to allow any department function the Chiefs office deems essential and necessary in consultation with the Board of Fire Commissioners This will allow District personnel to clean and keep the Firehouse(s) and sub-stations as clean and sterile as possible for the safety of our responding members and staff and members of the public. As the situation evolves the Board of Fire Commissioners will keep all updated and will, as deemed necessary, extend the time period of the Orders issued and declared in this notice and declaration, and issue any further Orders and directive deemed necessary for the public health, safety and welfare which is the paramount concern and objective of all.

Holbrook New York
March 31, 2020

So Ordered by the Holbrook Board of Fire Commissioners

Joseph Patton, Chairman
Michael Barhold, Commissioner
Joseph Williams, Commissioner
James McIntosh, Commissioner
Charles Vermilyea, Commissioner

Ronald Schnall
Holbrook Fire District Secretary-Treasurer

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