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About the Chamber

The Holbrook Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization dedicated to the improvement of the business community in Holbrook. We were founded in 1954. Our residents and business owners know that a successful business community is an essential part of a strong Holbrook.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • To help our members develop strong and profitable businesses in the Community of Holbrook.
  • Encourage fair business practices among our members.
  • To foster a sense of community among business owners and residents and an understanding of their importance to each other.
  • The encouragement of members, commercial property owners and residents toward the common goal of making Holbrook a beautiful place to live and work.

Whether you own a business or live in the community, please consider supporting the efforts of the Chamber as we try to make Holbrook one of the most desirable communities on Long Island in which to live, shop and work.

What Does the Chamber Do?

  • We’re the people who ask you to “Shop Holbrook First”. We bring you the “Holbrook Savings Card”, a great way to save money when you shop locally.
  • We’re the people who bring you the annual Carnival/Craft Festival, Christmas Tree and Menorah Lightings, Holiday Decorations, Annual Memorial Parade and much more.
  • We’re the people who work with local government to get our roads repaved, get improved lighting and sidewalks, get public areas landscaped, provide the banners that decorate our streets.

Get to know your neighbors by participating in local events. Reach out and get involved in one of our many local projects, you will discover small town life at its best.

kids at Holbrook carnival