Holbrook Fire District Declaration of District Emergency

The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Holbrook Fire District, located in Holbrook, Town of Islip, County of Suffolk, and State of New York, has kept fully informed of the current public health and safety concerns concerning the pandemic outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in localities and Counties on Long Island, throughout New York State and the United States and around the world. In a time of an extreme emergency and potential disaster of this magnitude, it is incumbent upon the local, State, national governments, and the governments around the globe and their elected officials, to act decisively and in an abundance of caution in taking all measures necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the members of the Holbrook Fire Department and their families, the employees and representatives of the Holbrook Fire District and their families, the residents of the Holbrook Fire District and all other members of the public.

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Notice of Emergency Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Holbrook Fire District

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the provisions of the New York State Town Law and the New York State Public Officers Law including but not limited to Section 104 thereof pertaining to Open Meetings, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Orders including Executive Order 202.2, dated March 12, 2020, the Board of Fire Commissioners will convene a Special Emergency Meeting of the Board on Tuesday March 31, 2020 at 5pm to be convened by telephone conference call, or personal appearance with respect to Commissioners only, for the Board to consider the adoption of an Emergency Declaration regarding the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the procedures to be followed by District staff and members of the Holbrook Fire Department with respect to the use, maintenance and operation of the District Firehouses and substations and therein the closure and availability of the Firehouses and substations and their facilities for training, District and Department meetings, social gatherings and events scheduled and non-scheduled and in all other respects. The proceedings will be recorded and transcribed and any person wishing to attend telephonically shall be permitted to do so by contacting the office of the District Secretary Treasurer Ronald Schnall, or District Manager Tom Pelio by telephone at (631) 599-0088 for further instructions.

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President’s Letter – March 2020


Welcome to almost spring! March reminds us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and start those spring cleanups. Put them both together and you get Irish Spring. Hey, the Our Place Newspaper is known for the best corny jokes you can find, sometimes it’s good to lighten up and laugh.

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President’s Letter – February 2020

Winter Greetings,

Given how uneventful weather wise January was, many of us are hoping our old neighbor Holtsville Hal will wake to a cloudy day on February 2nd proclaiming spring is just around the corner.

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President’s Letter – January 2020

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020 not only a new year…it is also a new decade. A time to reset and refocus on all that lies ahead both in life and in business.

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President’s Letter – December 2019

Season’s Greetings,

Well here we’re once again, the most busiest time of the year! Just like that the holidays are upon us and most everyone is hustling and bustling with gift shopping, making plans with family and friends and at the same time trying to stop and smell the Hollie.

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President’s Letter – November 2019

Greetings of the Thankful Season,

Once again it’s so hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. It feels like we were just down at the Holbrook Fair a few weeks ago when in fact it was over two and a half months ago.

As November ushers in all of the hustle and bustle of planning, shopping and entertaining there are a few things we must all stop and give thanks for.

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President’s Letter – October 2019

Greetings of the Fall Season,

Fall is truly one of the absolute most beautiful times of year in the State of NY. As the warm days turn into cool nights and the leaves turn a brilliant hue of orange and yellow before cascading down from the trees, it is truly a sight to behold.

October is the month where the fourth quarter for most businesses commences. It is a critical three month time period for many companies as it often determines whether they make money for the year or not. For retailers, the holiday sales season is a key contributor to their annual bottom-line. As retail goes so do a lot of other related industries. For example, when people are out shopping they usually need a place to eat. For many other businesses its also crunch time to get projects done or on-board new clients before the holiday break and close of year.

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President’s Letter – September 2019


As we wind down one of the nicest summer seasons we have seen on Long Island in years, it is now time to buckle down and get back to school for some and business for others. I was speaking with a good friend of mine the other day and we both could not believe how quickly this summer went by. Before we know it the beautiful changes will start occurring with the fall leaves and autumn season which for many is their favorite time of year weather-wise.

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President’s Letter – August 2019

Greetings of the summer season,

Whew was last month a hot one or what? July saw some of the hottest temperatures in Long Island history. Hopefully this month will cool down to a little more reasonable daily temperature. With the Annual Chamber Carnival & Festival only a few weeks away, we’re hoping old Mother Nature is kind to us this year.

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